Friday, September 26, 2008

Thankfully, a new Mongolian blog

I'm at blogging odds at the moment. San Diego hasn't piqued my blogger interest as of yet and Saipan seems several worlds away at the moment. I am glad the lights are on and Boni thinned out the ranks of prospective suitors to what seems to be a most excellant candidate. Erdene hasn't heard the news yet, but I'm sure she'll be as happy for the families as I am. Obviously, I won't be commenting on Mongolian issues and observations first hand. However, this young man from the UB Post seems to has the Mongol blog well in hand. He doesn't know the pumpkin, but seems to have a fair hand at descriptive prose. Plus, he's working at the independant Mongolian newspaper. I'll be reading his blog HERE.

Erdene and the lad are doing fine up in Erdenet. The neighbor's cat is exceptionaly toddler friendly. The weather is still bearable and Erdene tells me the lad is making the most of his time outside with his new friend and the flower garden. No pictures at the moment, but it is on list. I'm thrilled to call home and hear his voice as he answers his mom's phone. I don't know what he's saying beyond "Hi" and some familar baby noises, but it is enough to know he is up to his usual phone tricks. All is well in my trials with the IRS and DHS, al.. I'm happy knowing that whether it is spring or winter when they arrive, the sand here in So. Cal. will be warm and with any luck the flowers will be blooming for Erdene. One mainland surprise for me are the similarities between the flowers here and in Saipan. Erdene's only regret was living the beauty of Saipan for the bleakness of the city, so I'm sure to be happy with her reaction to the flora. Not sure how she'll enjoy the ten lanes of I-5, but hopefully she'll sleep through the ride from the airport and we can take the back streets to the beach. Getting a little ahead of myself. Back to the taxes.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Not the final chapter, but the prequel. I’m in sunny San Diego today, while the lad and my dear long suffering wife tough it out in Erdenet, outer Mongolia. Not exactly how I wanted my eastern sojurn to end, but so it goes. Let's hope this is a short chapter.

I'm here to finalize my sadly delinquent tax returns and from there to finish Erdene's visa application to this; the land of the big giant most humongous grocery store. I'm still bemused by the variety and scale of even the most humble Von's. By my count, I was on my third visit before I was able to ditch the "deer in the headlights" stare and actually by something. I am not amused by the price increases since my last visit stateside three years ago. Spam is at over three dollars a can. I can't figure that one out. Roughly the same price as in Mongolia. I would have thought shipping would have made it much more pricey to the east. Yikes. Jeff T. had it right with his observations on this commercial society. I haven't been to a department or electronics store yet and am dreading what I might see. Just driving down I-5 was enough to asure me that the strip mall society is alive and well. In Solano beach Marshall's is having a sale or so my sisters tell me. Good thing, as I washed a red crayon with my last two pairs of shorts this past week. Pumpkin and Erdene are well. We talk on the phone every few days and she prints out a serial email once a week, but I could use a hug nonetheless. Not sure if we will end up in S California, but she did say before I left that she wishes we stayed in Saipan and sunny San Diego isn't a bad second choice. By necessatity, as New England seems to have entered the depression sooner than the rest of the country. We'll be moving them from the family ger to an apartment at the end of the month and I can stop worrying about the countryside hazards (dogs, woodstoves, and blizzards) for the moment though all is well. The lad seems to recognize my voice over the phone, but I so miss his happy little smile as he toddles towards me. Let this be a lesson to all you tax procrastinators out there.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New chapter coming soon

Erdene, the lad, and I are in Erdenet for the week. The weather has been just lovely up here and we are reveling in the peace and quiet. Not to mention, the spectacular views and atmosphere. The Pumpkin has enjoyed a freedom of action denied him in UB. He is only one doorway and three steps from the great outdoors. Outdoors consists of one dog, a cat, and a herd of friendly goats. He's having a blast and I so love letting him fall down on the soft grass, versus the hard falls onto broken rock and glass of UB. More later, we are a bit removed from town and accompanying internet access.