Friday, November 28, 2008

All I want for Christmas is?

Well, I'm not going to get this just yet, but all is progressing nicely on the immigration front and perhaps the easter bunny will leave these two out in the yard. I told Erdene, "given the expense of shipping from Mongolia, a picture of her and the lad is all I want for my birthday, plus a litte help with Deece' WWII this week" Thankfully, she was able to comply with the picture, but I'm not too sure about the Udon Noodle guess. I'm thinking of buying myself a camera for the birthday and shipping it to her, but that would mean braving the hordes of Black Friday shoppers. I'll give it some more thought and perhaps venture out after lunch. The Pumpkin is too cute, not to take pictures of.

He does look a tad miffed in my picture though. I'll find out tonight when Erdene and I talk, but I'm guessing he wanted the camera for himself and that loving hold Erdene is exhibting is actually the grip of steel. Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. I was able to cook pretty much whatever came to mind and didn't have to drive through three counties or walk over half of UB to find the ingrediants, so no complaints here. I caught a touch of concern in Erdene's voice when discussing the division of labor re Thanksgiving and she was reassured to learn that the female half of the family is not required to cook the actual turkey, especially not her first time out. She is going to have a tough time with the sheer volume of leftovers, a social no no in Mongolia, but an intergral part of the feasting here. As the loyal reader can well imagine, I'm enjoying the thought of her experiencing America. Can't wait to see her face when she is introduced to the somewhat ignoble, but incredibly tasty, Maine lobster. I can only hope that she stands her ground as valiantly as my brother's lads when cornered. Even I feel a little sad at enjoy the frantic wiggling as they go into the pot just prior to their sudden demise, but not enough not to eat them with butter and some metaphysical relish.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving in Mongolia

If I was in Mongolia, this is what we would be having. I'm thinking of naming it


Pumpkin loves it, too

And lets not forget the miracle of the self-replicating spam

Friday, November 21, 2008

Bad News from the In Box

I recieved a reply from an email I sent awhile back to Glen Doutrich from his daughter Tami. Glen is in CHC and not doing well. She asks for anyone with something good to say, to drop a line in his last post. I'll miss his jokes and his banging away at the dysfunction which is the CNMI government. I'll always be waiting for the next installment of his Flashback series and the chance to buy him a drink, if only to hear him laugh. Cheers, Glen

UPDATE. So, I heard this evening that Glen Doutrich passed away at three in the AM Saipan time. Bless you Glen; for your achievements during your life and the lessons you have passed on to those willing to listen. You won't be forgotten in my part of the world.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Good news from the In box

And it wasn't spam. Erdene was able to visit the internet cafe' in Erdenet and sent pictures of Alan Amara (I need to write that occasionaly or I'll put the wrong name in the immigration blank). This is the first I've seen of him since I left in September. For my birthday, I get pictures of both of them. Right, Honey? Can't say as he looks much different at two, but wonderful all the same.

In San Diego news. I made my first visit to Walmart since returning. I didn't really want to go, but had run out of stores which might stock marshmellow fluff in a plastic jar. Sending a glass jar filled with stickiness in the mail to Mongolia didn't strike me a being a sound move and if you are looking for plastic; Walmart is the place to go. No luck and I can't say as I enjoyed the experience all that much. I was out the door faster than a set of rims at a snoop dog concert. Thanks to Larry the Cable guy again for that line.

In the same vein, here's the speed demon running away with Uncle Ankhaa's cell phone.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

While I was waiting for the lad and Erdene to make their way to the west, I figured that it would be ok for me to write again. Waiting isn’t a whole lot of fun, but seems like I need to make the best of it or spend the next few months wallowing in despair. Allright, that’s it for the negatives.
Pumpkin turned two last week and is showing every sign of being the child from happy land (eh, mom. You thought I was going to drop an “h” bomb, I’ll bet). Nope, Erdene and I are able to talk every other day or so and he’s coming along just fine. Nine times out of ten, he picks up the phone first and I’m treated to whatever it is toddlers like to talk about. Not hard to tell that he’s happy from his voice. I suppose the constant reassurance from his own mouth is what has allowed me to relax and be happy without them. If you don’t believe me call 976. Chances are fairly good, he’ll answer. Don’t call before 9PM EST or 7AM Saipan time. Chances are good at those times that you’ll find a sleepy mom on the other end of the line. Strange little fellow. My birthday present of crayons and paper arrived the other day. Erdene told me, he was very happy to see his crayons and markers all assembled in their little tray. Instead of turning into a mini Picasso or Jackson Pollock, he took them all out, then carefully replaced them in the tray. A little unclear on the concept and he sure didn't get the tidy habit from any member of my family. They are out of the family ger and into a warm apartment in downtown Erdenet for the winter. Erdene tells me there is a basketball court in the front of their building and another playground at a nearby middle school, so the pumpkin is able to enjoy his basketball once again.
I’m hoping there will be other kids nearby for him to practice talking with, but its enough that they are warm and near the stores. I’m not at all surprised that he is out on the courts during the Mongolian winter, as he comes from hardy cold weather stock, despite being born on Saipan - the land of perpetual summer.
Not too much to report from San Diego. A brief chilly spell, gave way to the warm westerlies and I’m thinking about the beach. Be silly not to, as Torrey Pines State Park is less than two miles from my temporary dwelling at my sister’s house. Missed my merge on the 163 the other day and ended up heading for Escondido. I knew that was going to happen one of these days. On the bright side, the 808 and I-5 split passes without a thought most mornings. Erdene is going to freak when she rides down the highway here. Mongolia’s idea of a highway are yellow lines down the middle of the asphalt. She’ll love the relative lack of horn noises, though. Enough for now. I’m going to try and blog more often and for less verbage for a while. One side benefit of Erdene moving to town is internet acsess, so with any luck, I’ll have some pumpkin pictures to blog. Here’s one from my sisters collection. This is California at its best. I’ll update the picture with a caption, once I think about it for awhile.