Monday, December 15, 2008

The blessed elixer

Ah, Maine. I'm back for a short visit and throughly enjoying myself despite the weather. More so than my brother, who is without power and in a shelter. Well, his father in laws house, but with eight adults and five kids it is probably getting a little close up there. We had a tremendous ice storm the night of my arrival (Thanks, big guy). Central Maine, where I am, was spared the worst of the nasties, but New Hampshire was wrecked. Feels great to be back even for a short visit. My other brother's daughter is just the cutest and I've been able to even hold her for short periods under adult supervision. She and the pumpkin are the closest of the cousins in age, so I've been evaluating her for compatiblity issues. Hard to say which one of them is cuter, but even a tie wouldn't be such a bad thing. Can't believe I've been gone for three and a half years. I am both lucky and thankful to see everyone in good shape. Nephew George who was just beginning to stand is now four and more active than a tornado. Probably, faster moving over the ground as well. My dad will be over shortly, we are going out for lobster stew and steamed hot dogs which will pretty much complete my list of foods I want to eat while I'm home. Beans, Ham Italians, mollasses donuts, and a river of Moxie have already vanished down the hatch. I have a lead on five dollar a pound lobster, so life may get even better. Now if the snow holds off until my plane on Wedsday. Pictures will have to wait, as I left the camera unloader in San Diego. Great pictures of the morning after the ice storm and tons of kids in motion.