Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ulaanbaatar, MNG Weather - Forecasts, Radar Maps, Video, and News

Quite a headline lead. The story is, I'm off to the Seattle region for work and I'm visiting with the guy who introduced Erdene and me, while..
Erdene is wishing for these days, again.

See the forecast below, if there are any doubts.
Ulaanbaatar, MNG Weather - Forecasts, Radar Maps, Video, and News: "Local weather forecast
Ulaanbaatar, MNG
Local forecastThree HourlyTen-dayMapsAverages
Current conditions (as of 11:00 AM)Today's forecast°F | °C
Feels like: -18°F

Barometer:30.3 in
Visibility:6 miles
Precip in last hr:NA
Precip last 24 hrs:0 in
Wind:9 mph NNW
Sunrise:7:49 AM
Sunset:6:23 PM
UV Index:1 Low
Observed at Ulaan-Baator.

All times shown are local to Ulaanbaatar.TodayHi:-3°

PM Clouds
2 PM-5°
8 PM-9°
11 PM-10°
And she says the weather is much more pleasant than the last couple of weeks. and I'm packing a Maine type jacket for my trip to the Pacific Northwest. Wimpy, says I.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Don't even think about putting down Jerry Reed or

Burt Reynolds , while the NASCAR season is on. Yes, that means you and this edict shall last through next November. East bound and down..and don't forget Delaware George and the GEAR JAMMER.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I receive a Valentines Day present,

of the best kind. Erdene braved the 35 degree below zero, or shall we just say "horribly cold" (her words) Mongolian day to send some pictures of both of them. This is the first new picture I've seen of her in quite some time and she is as lovely as there ever was.

Pumpkin seems to be happily unchanged.

Someone really wanted a girl and he's a sport for playing along.

My day is complete, except for taking down sister A's magnificent tree. She is not usually so whacked, but kept the tree up a bit late for my mom and third sister to admire during their visit. Here's my nephew George from Maine enjoying a brief spell of quietness and enjoying same again. this is the boy, who takes the baby leash in stride, then decides he wants to parade through the shop and walk as a dog would. we, as a family, feel for sister Julie and her helpers. <
And the clan enjoying an afternoon of beading. Well, not Nephew Josh, he's building a computer for me as well as a necklace and pendant for his beloved..

Plus, you know the car is full, when you have to hold Rudolph on your lap for the trip from the storage unit. And no, the storage is not entirely for her Christmas decoration, Sister B keeps her's there as well.


Not that I want to get into the zoning debate, but this sign always thrilled me. "Tuba", next to Moxie from Maine and Airag from Mongolia, Tuba gives a bit of identity to Saipan. Take away the Bud and vodka and Saipan and UB would be better places, but not with the same familiar closeness. Then again, a few less poker palaces, bean supper signs, and frozen vomit on the sidewalks would clean Saipan, Maine, and mongolia up a bit.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

This is the California I was looking forward to

FAA probes chopper pilot linked to porn video

SAN DIEGO — The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the actions of a La Jolla helicopter pilot after a pornographic video of him surfaced on the Internet.

The video shows David Keith Martz, a professional pilot with a history of FAA violations, at the controls of his chopper over San Diego while redacted a porn actress, who then redacts a redact act on him while he's flying.

The video, shot in 2007, first appeared Feb. 3 on the entertainment website and has gone viral since.

Gone, Viral, what is that? I feel these days that: "harshing my mellow" is the ultimate expression.
Along with the video, TMZ reported that someone had sent the FAA an e-mail about the episode, including photos of Martz redacting the porn actress – who goes by the name Puma Swede – in flight.
Editor's note, mine, Puma is a brand of helicopter. I think the lady in question, might have been aiming her marketing at a paticular niche market.

The FAA took no action in response to the e-mail. But they're taking action now.

“We're going to review the video,” said FAA spokesman Ian Gregor. “We're going to try to speak to everyone in the video, including the porn star, and we're going to go from there. I read this comment as; "Everyone in the office is scouring the internet, looking for a high-def video of the incident"
“We probably should've taken a closer look at the evidence when it was first presented to us – and I can assure you, we're doing that right now.”
I swear, "I did not add to the official word. However, I'm sure the spokespersons words are taken out of context by the original author of this news release."
I'm going to have to redact some news and my own interpretation of the official in question for the families sake, but here is the link

Martz also may be in some trouble with the FAA for a flight last weekend over the Los Angeles area with Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee.

This dude swings with a big crowd. I ignored some hollywood actor during the eighties and my only claim to fame lies there during a brief encounter with my friend Larry Nelson. Hey, Larry, "How's she going?" "Fine Mark, Just taking my brother, Judd down to Gritty's for a beer" Hi, Man, how's she going? Catch you both later, maybe." Loved him in Breakfast Club, sorry I didn't recognize Judd Nelson. That conversation wasn't nearly as amusing as a later one with my sister, when she found out "JUDD NELSON" was in Portland, I talked with him, and didn't provide her with a heads up. That is my eighties story, by the way.

Officials say Martz was flying erratically while on final approach to Van Nuys Airport and flew dangerously close to a Los Angeles police helicopter. Police officers who tracked him down after he landed found him drinking, but said his blood-alcohol level was about .01 or .02, under the legal limit of .04 for pilots.

A 2000 story in The San Diego Union-Tribune identified Martz as a former captain of the San Diego State University water ski team and a La Jolla-based real estate developer who flies a helicopter and races sports cars in his free time.

He has a history of trouble with the FAA going back more than 20 years. He's had his license suspended twice and revoked twice – three incidents involved reckless flying and one involved his forging a medical document.

Federal aviation law limits the FAA's options for dealing with wayward pilots. While authorities can revoke a license, pilots are free to re-apply for a new license after a year.

Only two things can prompt a permanent revocation – having an irreversible medical condition or being caught with illegal drugs on board.

Martz first ran afoul of the FAA for flying on a forged medical certificate in 1986. His license was revoked.

Then in June 2002, he was spotted doing aerobatics below 1,500 feet and over a populated area, Tourmaline Park in Pacific Beach – both violations of air safety rules. That got him a 30-day suspension.

In October 2003, the FAA revoked his license a second time, saying he “landed close to people on the ground at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.”

Then in June 2005, the agency suspended Martz for 230 days, saying he flew passengers from Mexico to Brown Field and then to Montgomery Field, despite knowing that the tail section of his helicopter had been damaged by hitting a wire.

Staff researcher Merrie Monteagudo contributed to this report.

This guy is Southern California
By Greg Gross
Union-Tribune Staff Writer
5:35 p.m. February 6, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pictures are in

The long drought is over. Erdene was able to send some of her collection this way. Pumpkin seems to be of the milk fed strain. He's sprouting up. I know this because this shirt used to come to his knees. I'm not commenting on his footwear or the barette in his hair. He's due for a haircut during Tsvaan Gar in a couple of weeks and word is, His untamed locks migrate to his eyes, food, etc... As for the footware, well the floors are cold and they look a little easier to get around in than my boat shoes, skiis, water boards, etc..

The white covering on his front in this picture is said to be flour from a happy afternoon of dumpling making. Glad to see, he's at home in the kitchen.

In home news; I've misplaced my borrowed camera. Yikes.. Mom is visiting. Brother-in-law Rich and niece Camille are celebrating birthdays this week. So much, for loading up on pictures, settling into my new apartment, and riding the bike on weekends. Just to keep the party going, my sister, Julie from Maine and her two boys are coming to visit for a week. Southern Ca is a popular place for displaced Mainers this time of year. I'm in charge of activities for my nephew George. He's three and a bit active. I'm glad he has his older brother, Josh, with him or we might just end up in San Diego harbor. Stop #1 for the coming weekend is the USS Midway, an Essex class carrier from the Second world War moored on the Embarcado and all loaded up with boy toys. I'm hoping Rich will come along with nephew Mikey, as two lads might be a bit much for me and Josh. After the Midway, we are considering the ferry ride to Coronado, concluding with a pedal bike trip to Becky's apartment on the island. I'm tired already and I'm going to try and hit an amusement park with the lads, before the serious fun on the weekend. I found another spot for Erndene over the weekend. The tropical flower market off the -15 in Escondido. Plumeria, flame trees, hibiscus, and bouganvilla. She often says she misses Saipan and these four acres should satisfy that longing. I'm doing all right on preperations; financial stuff for the immigration lords are now in hand, I've found several stores with ground and fresh mutton, the IKEA store is a fairly long, but pleasant walk up the San Diego river, and I still have months to go.