Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I was wondering where to drop this thought and tag you are it. The pictures of the devastation of Alamagan are pretty dramatic. I'm just wondering how the Emergency Management Office has no money in their budget to immediately charter a vessel to bring the residents back to Saipan for spell. I'll grant the point that these people live in the fast lane for typhoons, but we are talking about the CNMI EMO, not the Saipan Mayors EMO, and certainly not the (FEMA) FEeble Minded Ahole stateside department of idiots doing nothing while people suffer. Just maybe they deserve what they have received for living on the edge, but just maybe they would like some help. Anyone of the crew boats docked at the CPA could lay in a a couple crews, air mattresses, tie some fuel drums to the rails and be off. Don't blame them for staying on the dock as the Gov't is somewhat know for not paying for any sort of high ideal like rescuing distressed islanders/constituents although only six or eight, while they are busy shuffling money to East Coast (D.C. not necessarily Lau Lau bay) lawyers.
Maybe they aren't suffering but the pictures from the helo don't paint the picture of tropical bliss, if you know what I mean. So the residents of Alamagon aren't living in the emergency zone? What are they saving their money for at the EMO. Sorry, I forgot, before they cleaned up their webpage they were advertising Russian and Asian brides. Guess the nut didn't fall far from the tree there. I'm hoping the air heads who process the funding spend the day outside with no shelter, they may work a little harder and faster and the moron who set the EMO up without enough emergency funds to respond should spend the entire time outside picking up loose coconuts which should serve as his entire subsistence until the residents get a break.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Off to ole Virginiay

I bid farewell to hot, but dry, San Diego for a week in the hot and humid tidewater district of Virginia. Not a bad time of year to go, the Striped Bass are running and the Crabs are plentiful. Nothing at all in the world that I know of, equal in taste, texture, and style to a crabstuffed Rockfish. HMMM.. I don't have a picture of one, but I do have a snap of my spring favorite. A steak with Crab Imperial topped with a sauteed soft crab. Damn, don't a picture, I must of eaten it. I do have a portrait of a soft crab nestled between two lightly toasted slice of bread. Texas Toast, which will give the familiar reader an eye to the proportions of this magnificent treat.Otherwise, I'll be exploring the same old stuff. I found this building on my last pass and beyond beeing a bit spooky, I'm wondering what was stored in those little cubbies shown in my lead picture.
Fascinating little building, not co-incidently located near the Special Weapons storage area. I love these little puzzles.
Erdene and the lad are in transit from Erdenet to Ulan Baatar for a visit to the doctor. Nothing wrong, just better to have Pumpkin's shots down with the western doctors. No problems at Kindergarten is my rule and California is right up there with the third reich when it comes to having the ticket punched in the correct form. Oh. Did I just compare California with Nazi Germany, well I quess I did. and just for the record, I'm not lumping the Arnold under that blanket, he is at least sensible.

Friday, September 4, 2009


I was taken with the desire to debate Pacific soveriegnity with my own experience on the middle road site, but cooler heads prevailed and I thought to scribe my points her where it is cool and I might learn something I don't know through the kindness of my two readers or be thrown into the pits of unreasoning hell. Here goes, Middle road and my response below.

$400K for Federal Suit

Finally, the documents have been provided to Rep. Tina Sablan and the numbers have been tallied--a whopping (close to) $400,000 have been reportedly paid to the law firm that assisted the local government to sue the Federal Government with regard to "Federalization."

But wait, the other newspaper reported it was close to $1M? By the way, MV's report is too short or perhaps just being concise? We want to know more why it's close to $1M.

What's the significance of this data to the public again? According to Rep. Sablan, the documents might raise more questions than answers.

On the brighter side, the local government got a discount. In this recession, we'll take it, right?

For more info visit Saipan Tribune and Marianas Variety today....

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Post by On Saipan at 2:41 AM 30 comment(s)

Response by me.
Politics aside, yeah right. The issue which comes to the front of line is: did the CNMI government use public funds to pursue the delay of the enactment of a federal law and where was the government outside their rights to spend such money. There are several elements to that statement under contention in the court of public opinion. Item one; does the mainland government have the power to make the change? Following from this point are the questions; Does the Covenant agreement allow the mainland government to take over control of CNMI border and immigration control. Further, can the CNMI control the border? One more; Is it the right of the elected CNMI government to spend funds as they choose, regardless of programming. never mind. As in many cases, US security issues trump local rights.
From another side; Well never mind. Case law has well established the right of the federal government to control and issue waivers on many, if not all waivers involving national security and the supremacy of the needs of the Federal Government. If you don't believe me, check out CFR section 42 and while you are at it, the sea mammals washed up on beaches around sonar testing areas.
At the end of the game; the forces opposing the local government are within their rights to oppose mindless spending by the party in power, but if they hope to achieve anything beyond controlling the government, through embarrassment today and winning in future years, they are pissing away political capital as inefficiently as the fitial group has passed what, if not public funds, could have been worthwhile seed money to Saipan’ future.
Immigration is another issue altogether and all sides would be wise to recognize the difference, as the issues on the mainland make any sort of agreement on Saipan to be binding and therefore unacceptable to the Federal government until a major immigration bill is passed.