Sunday, April 26, 2009

I dropped

a comment on Glen588 the other night. Seems like the Saipan blogs have dried up (all due respect to the Saipan Writer, Kelli, Deece, Boni, Wayne, Angelo, and "your name here") However, it seems right to me to fill Glen in on what is going on, my version of flowers, all things being right in the world he is floating amid clouds an heavenly nymphs strumming on harps or electric guitars (I never did learn Glen's preferances towards musical instruments, but I'm pretty certain scantily clad nymphs were among his favorites)
I'm sure he would have love to be amongst the chosen jurors in the fat timmy trial, while he would have most likely passed on a seat in the jurors bench, I'm equally certain he would be among the mob outside the office on Monday waving his little pitchfork and demanding the bastard being thrown out now. The law being the law, it will probably take some months for the Lt to be removed from office, but Glen would be the one, chanting NOW, Now, Now.. We need more Glens and Angelos and even Ed and Tina's. And the quiet but positive movers; the Boni's and the Waynes, and yes even the Harrys and the Bruce's. Sunday thoughts.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Coming soon, to a blog near you

A guest blog from my sister, Rebecca. World traveler, bead collector, and bon vivant. Plus, she was in an elevator with a Mongolian Sumo wrestler, which beats my previous claim to fame as someone who shook the hand of a man who had been hit in the head by a chair swung by George "the Animal" Steele. Not sure if he has an "e" at the end of his name, but I felt Randy S. could use a little sixth degree of connection claim to fame.
And this is for my culinary inspiration, Deece

This is an English derived Trifle. Jello layers on top of lady finger spnge cake. My grandmother (Nanny, in England) managed to teach us all to make this with varying degrees of success. This is Amy and Becky's rendition and pretty tasty. Fun to make, but a bit difficult getting the varying layers of Jello to rest without blending into the preceding layers. As you get more fancy (mixing canned fruits into the jello layers) the difficulty level increase exponentially. Sort of like Earthquake Richter scale levels, but the great part about the process is the entire dish is topped with whipped cream and even if you can't take a picture, it still tastes great. I'm a failure at the English version, so I'm taking a long look at your cake based. Especially, the red velvet.
All is well in Mongolia, except Erdene wonders how many pieces of sugar free gun the boy can swallow in a day before it becomes a health issue.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Picture time

I've been a bit lame lately. I think this whole separation thing is really getting to me. Checkout this picture of the lad,
you may have to click and save as to get a good look at what I'm seeing, or maybe it is me. He's holding a picture of the three of us and damned if it doesn't look as though there is a little moisture in the corner of his eye. Or he just got YA Ya from Mom or aunt Solta and is suffering a bit. All the same, this waiting is tough. I put it aside as much as possible, at least at work I can focus on something else and I generally manage ok. I still have a picture of the two of them in my cube' and say hello every morning. They are well, spring is very close, although I heard Erdene say an infrequent cuss word the other day. She was on the verge of taking pumpkin out to play and to her surprise/dimay/annoyance it was snowing. Seems like either snow or driving winds and dust. Still he was out at the family ger the other day and a neighboring herd of goats came over to say hello. His grandfather is impressed with the lad. He has taken to horseback riding at an early age. Well, it's a rubber donkey named Eyore that he gallops about the apartment, but he has the right spirit and you can never go wrong in Mongolia, if you are an accomplished horseman and being handy with stock isn't a bad attribute either. I spent time on the farm as a lad and I'm happy to see Pumpkin able to do the same. I'm not sure there are even any petting zoo's open around San Diego anymore, so enjoy it while you can my boy.

He is quite fearless and he seems to have learned some amount of patience as the goats would have fled for the hills a few months previously. Erdene has found some old family friends living in the countryside with thier childrens small ones (a fairly common circumstance in Mongolia. The adult children work in the city and the little ones stay with the grand parents in the countryside ger. Healthy for the kids and they help out with the animals from an early age which lightens the load on the elders) I see a happy spring for Pumpkin. I'm going to suggest Erdene pick up a tent, so she and the lad can spend some time with them, rather than depend on rides to and from. Did I say, they have small children and baby goats, lambs, friendly dogs, and baby cattle as well. Erdene was out there for the first time a couple of weekends ago and was fairly glowing with her description of the joy of holding a small baby while it sleeps (which pumpkin was never very prone to do at the best of times) She grew up in the same fashion and her visit sent her back to her childhood amongst the snuggly little sheep with warm noses (her words) Alan Amara in for some exciting times.
For those in the shipping line on the 29th of April, early in the AM Saipan time or
28 April sometime in the afternoon East Coast time.. My friend Captain Tom's ship will be passing through the Panama Canal. It will look familar to Saipan residents, as until a few weeks ago it was anchored off the shore. I'll hold the ships name, until the night before. Some of us still take operational security seriously and these days I'm not taking chances. You can go to their website: "Panama Canal Authority" and
in upper right click on "Multimedia" tab and a drop down box will appear. Click
on "live cameras".

As for me, I'm getting out of my funk and am going to try a little cooking. I haven't cooked much of anything worth talking about for months now, but I'm making corned beef and cabbage for my roomates tonight and tomorrow I'm journeying to Coronado to grill butterflied leg of lamb accompanied by parslied new potatoes and grilled asparagus. We are mixing mint with malt vinegar for the mint sauce, none of that jellied stuff for us. I picked up a gas grill the other day and once I find a gas tank for it, I'll be on the grill, so maybe there is hope for me yet. I'm also thinking of picking up a Padre's hat, as the Red Sox seem a bit slow to start this year. Sometimes its a good thing my mom doesn't read my blog, if she saw that my christmas presents would be going back. What I meant to say was, there is a sale down by the Macy's and I can replace the Red Sox hat which I left as a Calling card at the Bateman's and since it is a two for one sale, perhaps a Padre's hat would be a good thing to have as well. And in the blogger world, little Rudi is out of the hospital and home with this brother's and sisters. Great to see the little guy doing so well and to see all the happiness in their home. I would hope that if the shoe was on the other foot, I would step up with the same faith and determination that his parents have shown. Go Rudi

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A new Mongolia blog, of sorts

Young fellow here <> is living on the edges of the Gobi desert and writing of his experiences of Mongolia while doing Peace Corps time. To find his dispatches; just enter Mongolia into the search box from the News page. Great sense of humor and he is living the life out on what passes for a prairie. Winter in a ger, he has my admiration.