Monday, May 25, 2009

Mongolian Elections

Good report HERE. Erdene tells me her brother is sound asleep after a solid 24 hrs of work for the "other" candidate. Lets hope the party in power didn't read the tales of LBJ's first major election. They went to bed with the election in the bag, only to find the election stolen. Not such a big deal, as they were fairly confident in their ability to steal, but maybe a lesson. Which ever party wins, we are hoping there won't be a repeat of last years rights.
UB is no doubt full of Australians, who won't be too fond of the idea of no rum for a month. I'd like to be hopeful and while I don't see any riots on the horizon, I also don't see change for the better. Read the article, it is more of the same. Oh well, a peaceful change of power, meaningless as it might be, is still breathing room for the populace to organize. Go Mongolia.
UPDATE The Mongolian election commission confirmed the election of Ts. Elbegdorj. The ruling party gracefully bowed out before the official announcement. I quess they didn't forget about last year. Results were close, but the differences between the candidates weren't so great, that a major victory was needed. ie. There won't be much change, just a different name on the label. If anyone besides my sister-in-law, Selenge, is interested, you can read about it HERE.
On a side note, for those curious about Mongolia, the blogger type news and web pages have greatly expanded and improved in realibility. The news link will take you to MongoliaOnlice. Filled with links (that work) and news, this is a good place to start.

Now if Google could clean up their act. They managed to "Lose" Terri and Kevan's excellent blog from Tinian. I'm sure it is to late, but I wish I had been a bit more anal about writing from a word document that I could save, but I still have my pictures, the tales of the PMPKN, and most of my Mongolian pieces. Hope everyone has or had a fufilling Memorial Day and didn't forget those who allow us to celebrate a day away from our work if not everyday cares and concerns. Most especially, those who have fallen in the defense or pursuit of freedom.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I nearly don't want to post this one, but I must. I'm traveling to Williamsburg, VA this month. I'll be near the roller coaster on which "Fabio" was struck by a bird. Sweet. Not that I feel for Fabio and I've ridden this particular coaster before (not bad. The "Appollo's Chariot" has a decent hang time and some great high and low g moments. Poor Fabio

And this is my contribution to unexploded ordenance on Saipan. Whoops, sorry Noli. I picked it up off the table at bills and left it at the apartments in china town.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cooking for one

is fun (it gives me something to think about during the day), but eating alone leaves something to be desired. However, it was pretty good. In Saipan, it was common to see beef ribs in a tangy marinade for barbeques. I made my own version with local (San Diego) ingrediants. Equal amounts of Teriyaki sauce and lime juice, a largeish splash of oil,grated ginger, some chopped lemon grass and a thai pepper. I salted the riblets with DesJardins fajita seasoning, these were the flanken ribs with the bones snipped off to an inch' width, and dusted them with lemon pepper prior to marinading. Just to be different I put a half a can of coke in the marinade. I would have used a sugar syrup for the same amount of sweetness, but didn't ask my mom for advice, until it was too late. Anyone have any additions or another recipe? I was reasonably happy with the results. The lime juice tenderized the heck out of what otherwise might have been a chewy cut. No pictures, but I think we have all seen these ribs before.
I see the Japanese filmed a beer commercial at my favorite snorkeling spot at the meeting house in Tanapeg. Glad to see the MVA is on the job. If I like it, it must be a good place. Shame they didn't pay anyone off or so says Ruth T. Maybe, Saipan is better off paying it forward than cash on barrel for every little photo op.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I miss the cuteness

Erdene went to wall for these pictures. A seriously slow transmission rate caused her to spend three hours for seven pictures. And I thought, my mom's mule driven connection was slow. Thanks Honey.

All is well in Mongolia. The weather has been a little flukely; sandstorms intermixed with spring snow, but a general warming trend. Obviously, pumpkin is in love with the auto. No accident that he looks like he might be driving. At any given moment he is only a well practiced key turn away from motoring on his own. He seems to think his little push car is entitled to space on the streets of Erdenet. Look out world.