Wednesday, June 24, 2009


PmpKn in a tote hauled from Saipan during our first weeks in Mongolia

PmpKn last week. Look Dad, no room for your old clothes

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Let's hope it grows back

The day of the big hair cut finally came. This is a Mongolian tradition which was never explained fully to me. As you can see, the little one has gone for the shaven look on his mighty dome. He took it well, once he realized he wasn't at the dentist. Good news for him is a continuance of the tradition means no more hair cuts until he goes to school,
in Mongolia anyway.
In other news, Erdene and my wedding anniversary is tomorrow and Monday, depending on which side of the International Dateline you reside on. Last year, we both forgot and didn't realize until the next day. As luck would have it, we had a fine day together and treasure the memory of not needing reminders to make every day together a special day. This year we are apart, but are happy knowing it will be the last. Pumpkin is well, but his mom is missing my support. Disobedient, willful, and headstrong seem to sum up his two and a half year attitude towards life. Happy and curious are also in the mix, so all is not lost, but I miss the chance to contribute. Erdene is hanging in there and hasn't lost her cheerfulness. As our friend, Captain Tom, is want to say; the only thing sweeter than her smile is her disposition. Sorry honey, but I have a few years to make up for my abscense in these trying times. Below is a picture from Erdene. She and the lad are managing well in Erdenet. Spring has sprung and Alan Amara participated in the running of the goats at Dad Mashbatt's countryside home last weekend. Much as I miss him, I envy him the chance to be two and free of the city.

Above is a picture of Erdene and I after our first real date. From the sunburns, you might quess we were at the beach all day. Inthe shopping bag is some aloe after sun lotion which was much appreciated. This is also the day, we realized that we might just be in love. And below, our wedding, five months later at Mayor Tudela's office. A happy day for all.
Without a doubt, these two pictures represent our happiest day together so far. The little one has always been a joy. A trial and tribulation at times, but at the end of the day. What joy.

I can only think of one more day which will join the above as big days in our memories. That will be the day of my dreams, when I meet them at LAX baggage claim.