Monday, July 13, 2009


Not often that the New York Times is on the same page as my father in law, but today they hosted an article on traveling Shamans in Mongolia. For once the NYT got the story right, at least if my wife can be believed. Dad Mashbat paid for a shaman to visit the ger and do whatever it is shamans do. Erdene was not impressed that they paid twenty odd bucks for a somewhat disreputable woman to tell fortunes while drunk on the family's vodka. I'll have to admit, I am not without sin here. On a couple of occasions we visited a Bhuddist monastery in UB and had our fortunes told in efforts to control a volatile domestic situation which arose over differing opinions on the best health care for the lad. He had his fortune told and anti biotics prescribed at the monastery and the SOS medical clinic, respectively.
I didn't mind the bhuddist cermonies one bit, I'll never be a bhuddist, but extremely relaxing and soul cleansing. I've always been a believer in covering all the bases possible. If drunk women show up at the house burning incense and carrying on though, I'll show them the door.

When the zombie Apocalypse comes though I want the guy in the pink boxers on my team. It takes a big man to wear pink.