Thursday, February 18, 2010

Erdene and the lad

Mongolian New Year passed last weekend and part of the festivities involves giving large amounts of sweets to everyone you might know. Erdene and the Pumpkin were on their way home from the usual outing in the playground, when they were gifted. Pumpkin has a bit of a sweet tooth, which doesn't accompany his somewhat fragile baby teeth. Erdene dispensed one chocolate with the promise of another at a later date, however the lad disagreed. I happened to call while he was argueing his side and reccomended YaYa. Mongolian, for a stern talking to, followed by a fervent beating of the bottom. Erdene disagreed, as she sees a direct causal relationship, between crying and lapses in baby health. As is my usual, I agreed with her approach and wished her luck. I checked back in a few hours later to find the situation resolved. The lad continued his screeching for more chocolate, however, he made a fatal mistake to his cause, by crying to his aunt in the next room. Erdene took advantage of his absence and emptied the box into a convenient container. Pumpkin's next visit to the kitchen was met by an extremely frustrated mother who told him that if he continued crying, then the chocolates would go out the window. He cried and out the box went. Pumpkin is not easily discouraged and despite parental advice regarding stray chocolates and stray dogs (hunger, thereof) he felt compelled to investigate the box on his next visit outdoors. No Chocolate and I do think the lad may have learned a valuable lesson when the word no is involved, although he will not like dogs very much when his sweets are involved.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fat stew

Every once in a while I screw up in the kitchen. A fascintion with liquid smoke comes to mind and using Bells Seasoning on an entire roast turkey dinner come to mind. In this case, I just went a bit too far with my fats. I decided to return to Oyster Stew after a long layoff and a chance sighting of two six ounce jars of Willipia inlet oysters in the Food for Less WareHouse. I lived on the Eastern Shore of Maryland for nearly fifteen years and cream of crab soup or Oyster Stew were big favorites. Oysters and crabs were so plentiful in various seasons, that not cooking a hearty milk stew was just a shame. So, it isn't as if this was my first rodeo. I didn't saute the onions and celery in bacon fat, just butter. I did overdo the half and half proportions, plus the butter slices were a bit thick, and the addition of crisp yet slightly fatty bacon was just a bit much. Oh was it good though. I knew I was in trouble when big white globs of milk fat started swimming around on the surface, but when the sweet streams of golden butter made their appearance, the situation became desperate. Then came the odd chunk of bacon popped up for a breath of air. I was nodding off in my chair after the second bowl.