Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Courage, Courage. All I want is a little courage.

Borrow some from this lady. She may not have any to spare at this point, but her strength has been rolling though my mind all weekend. If any one believes that the cost of freedom is cheap, then you need to read this. If anyone thinks their life is tough and can't see the way out, than read this example of a very brave and articulate woman.
I'm ashamed that there is nothing I can say to her. All I can do is pass the message along, with respect for her soulmate and prayers for their daughter. I'm glad at some level, that they had the chance to know each other. No doubt, their time together was of a very special nature.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Is this rocket science?

Controller complacency could jeopardize air safety
By JOAN LOWY (AP) – 35 minutes ago

WASHINGTON — For the third time in seven months, the judgment of those who operate the nation's air traffic control system has been called into question and raised concerns that the system may not be as safe as officials claim.

While major air crashes have declined sharply over the last decade, thanks largely to improved technology, aviation safety experts say they are seeing signs that complacency may be causing controllers and their supervisors to bend rules and relax their vigilance.

The latest incident was reported this week: A controller twice brought a child to work at the control tower at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, one of the nation's busiest airports, and allowed the child to radio instructions to pilots. The Federal Aviation Administration said Wednesday the controller and his supervisor have been suspended pending an investigation of the incident last month.

I listened to the tapes and the lads seemed to have things under control, which to me, begs the question. A seven year old can do the job under proper supervision, so why are supervisors needed? To keep seven year olds away from the mike? More of a comment on the tremdously huge layers of fat in government. Roll on, Jet Blue number seven heavy.