Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hey, I have a blog. I don't need to comment on some elses lame assed outhouse

I'm a recently done merchant mariner from the US. I've witnessed the damage wrought on the US Maritime Industry through high union rate scales on the US merchant marine fleet. Weighed against the equally exorbitant profit margins exhibited the fleets, it is no wonder the majority of crewman held are not exactly cared for by the UN.
I still feel some compassion for my third world seaman brothers. Not much mind you, no one enjoys being undercut. The sea will kill you in many ways and sailing with a company unwilling to provide a reasonable number of watch standers to prevent boarding by skiff or to keep engineering standards high enough to avoid skiffs is fairly big among the list of items to avoid when selecting a job offshore. Brass Tacks are: that most of these third world seafarers are more than happy to take any job they can get and most mariners would agree that the purpose of a government that uses the sea for transport has an obligation to provide safe passage for all. Bible salesman on yachts included

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